Hottest New Farm Animals Gone Wild! Andoird/Iphone/Ipad Mobile Game 

Farm Animals Gone Wild Mobile

 Game is a Wild-Good Time!

If we learned anything from George Orwell's Animal Farm it's that only bad things happen when farm animals revolt. But in the Farm Animals Gone Wild mobile game, you're on the right side of the four-legged fight. This addictive platform game puts you in the animals' hooves as you escape from six evil farmers bent on using cybernetic livestock to take over the world. This takes the meaning of 'factory farming' to a whole new level. As cow, goat, horse, chicken, pig or sheep, it's up to you to escape the farm and save the other animals and the world. 

Once you pick your character, it's time for you to escape the farm. Each animal has their strength, be it jumping ability or speed. The platform's pace increases with each level, making it harder to jump over farm houses, tractors and hay bales. During your adventure, you'll catch coins and other power-ups like health and ammo. You probably didn't know, but goats have excellent aim.

You came to the wrong neighborhood, punk.

Farm Animals Gone Wild mobile app sends you through six farm houses with six levels each, making this game relatively short and perfect for the daily commute. Each stage looks slightly different but it's the same game across the board. As you catch more moolah through the game, you can cash it in for add-ons like reinforced joints, cybernetic limbs and special abilities unique to each animal.

From 8 to 80, this game is great for players of all ages. Gameplay is challenging enough to keep experienced gamers interested while simple enough for newcomers. The controls throughout are simple: swipe your screen to jump over obstacles and tap to shoot. The real test comes at the end of each level, when you face one of the evil farmers. Running behind their tractor, it's your turn for revenge. To fight back, tap the screen to shoot back while dodging the bullets coming at you from the farmer.
Farm Animals Gone Wild is wildly entertaining, whether you're looking for something fun to do or a way to entertain your kids in the car. Join the scrappy bunch of barnyard champions through a fun run through a rough and tumble farm yard. It's challenging, fun and free-range. 

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